Win a Trip to Charleston!


Win a trip to historic Charleston! This relaxing trip for two will allow you to slow down, enjoy the good life and soak up the southern charm of this nearly 350 year old town!  Consider it your reward for a commitment to saving lives – especially over the holiday season.


How do I win?

Donate whole blood at least twice from Oct.-Jan. in one of our four donor centers.  Fill out an entry form during one of your donations, and each donation will increase your odds of winning.  (Hint: Donate by Oct. 11, and you can potentially get in three donations!).


Donate platelets at least four times Oct.-Jan.  Fill out an entry form during one of your donations, and each donation will increase your odds of winning.


The winner will receive:

A two night stay at the Mills Houserecognized as one of the World’s Best Hotels, the historic architecture, gorgeous décor and rooftop patio will help you step back in time with style.

Breakfast for two at 82 Queenthis authentic low-country cuisine is a favorite for visitors and locals alike.  Nestled in the Historic French Quarter with a garden courtyard, you will savor a breakfast to remember!

Old South Carriage Tour: go back in time while taking a relaxing carriage ride through the historic streets of Charleston, learning over 300 years of history and observing Colonial architecture.

Dinner for two at Husk: this blend of modern and historic redefines what it means to eat in Charleston.  Creative and delicious, you will walk away with a smile on your face.

Schedule your appointments online or call 704-972-4700.

4 Responses to Win a Trip to Charleston!

  1. Barbara Banks says:

    I tried to donate on 10/7/2013 but was not able to complete my donation. I would like to schedule another appointment to donate as soon as I can. Please call me so I may schedule an appt. 704-759-2148 work; Will I be eligible for the Charleston Trip drawing if I can donate one more time by Jan 31st?

  2. Lauren Bailey says:

    I sent your note to one of our specialists downstairs and they will contact you! But yes, if you donate again by the end of January in one of our centers, you will be eligible!

  3. Phillip Dietzenbach says:

    Hi Lauren,
    I hope your having a great day!
    Was I suppose to fill out a form each time I went to donate?
    They were out of forms the last time I donated and I never filled any form out yet, I donated 3 times in a couple different locations.
    Please let me know if I need to fill out a form at one of your locations. This is a wonderful program!
    Thank You! Phil

  4. Lauren Bailey says:

    Hi Phil,
    You do need to fill out a form – but just one time. If you are not able to make it into one of the centers by the end of this month, just let me know ( and I will get one filled out for you. Thanks for saving lives!!

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