Listen To Your Heart!

Donate Blood with CBCC & wear red Febuary 1st to support the fight against heart disease!


Join us in observing American Heart Month in February by donating blood between now and Feb. 28. Not only does your blood donation benefit local cardiac patients, but can be good for your heart too! And sport your best red outfit on February 1st to join the rest of the nation in the fight against the number one killer of women.

Did You Know?

• Cardiac patients are one of the largest groups requiring life-saving blood.

• Patients undergoing open-heart surgery may require platelet transfusions.

• About one-third of all heart surgery patients have a transfusion.

• Donating blood regularly can also be good for your heart. It generates new red cells to help your blood circulate more easily, and can help prevent your blood from getting too thick.

So listen to your heart and give blood. Schedule your donation appointment today! Visit or call 704.972.4700.

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